BMS Water LLC. is an international
supplier of quality water filters, offering under sink reverse osmosis water filters or whole house filtration systems.

Reverse Osmosis Can Remove
pesticides and herbicides
endocrine disruptors
drugs / pharmaceuticals
  BMS knows how vital safe, pure drinking water is to good health. We use the latest technologies and methods of water purification to enhance your protection from the hazards of unsafe drinking water. When you or your family's well-being is at stake, only the best will do!

The factory cover approximate 6,000 square meters and have 20 employees with well-trained & rich experienced. With innovative designs, precise manufacture & perfect service, and many new items can be developed constantly. Our products are produced by automatic assembling line and controlled by strict QC system. We can also make all various products according the need of customers.

  Water Filtration Products  
  BMS Water Technologies LLC. proudly presents Home Water Filter Products, including both under-the-counter and above the counter water purifiers using Reverse Osmosis (RO) and/or Ultraviolet (UV) technologies. We also have Whole House Water Filters to help provide healthy, good-tasting and ultra-pure water.  
  Reverse Osmosis  
  We offer under counter Reverse Osmosis Water Systems which use 4 or 5 stages of purification and can provide from 50 to 100 gallons per day of great-tasting pure water.